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Associated Economic Consultants Ltd. is a leader in the field of litigation support and enjoys a distinguished reputation among trial lawyers and other industry professionals. It began as a two person firm in 1982 with economists John Struthers and Robert Carson and now employs six economists, a professional accountant (CA/CPA), four analysts and three support staff. The staff at AEC offer a variety of backgrounds, specializations and language skills. Our economists have been qualified as expert witnesses in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Yukon, and have been involved in a number of landmark cases.



Are You Forgetting Something?

Four common oversights in personal injury cases:

→ loss of capacity to do household work;

→ work beyond age 65;

→ proper multipliers for calculating present values of unindexed payments;

→ calculation of taxes and EI on past losses of incomes: Laxdal v. Robbins

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We are located at #210 — 319 West Pender Street in Vancouver, British Columbia.