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Rob Carson

Email:  economist @ aec-econ.com
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Robert Carson obtained his Master's Degree from Queen's University at Kingston, Ontario, where he specialized in industrial organization and labour economics. His employment background includes five years as an economist with Employment and Immigration Canada before entering private practice.

Since 1982, Associated Economic Consultants has been a leader in the field of litigation support. In personal injury matters and family compensation claims, Mr. Carson combines a thorough knowledge of labour markets with years of experience to assess loss of income and services. He has been qualified as an expert witness in the Supreme Court of British Columbia since 1982 and has given evidence on many occasions, including many landmark cases.

Mr. Carson served as a member of a Special Advisory Committee for the Law Reform Commission of British Columbia. The Committee developed recommendations for standardizing the assumptions used in calculating income tax gross-up and management fees in personal injury and wrongful death claims.

In addition, Mr. Carson has developed computer models used to estimate fund management costs, tax gross-up, and pension loss in personal injury, wrongful death and wrongful dismissal litigation.

As a Senior Consulting Economist, Mr. Carson has authored many studies for both private and public sector clients, including evaluations of small business development programs, evaluations of job re-entry programs, labour supply/demand studies for industrial and professional associations, and socio-economic impact analyses for major resource development projects.

Selected Studies