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Tools for Estimating the Present Value of Future Incomes

The loss approximators include multipliers which may be used to derive approximate present values of future earnings of any constant annual sum, for periods beginning at a specified (current) age and ending at another age in the future. The latest possible end age or retirement age is assumed to be age 70. In conjunction with the loss approximator, we have also included information on average employment incomes potentially available in the array of occupations that account for about one half of each province's total employment base. Also included are average full-time full year earnings by level of education.

We hope that AEC's loss approximators will assist you in the preliminary determination of your clients' possible future incomes or losses. The loss approximators are intended to complement the services which we may provide to you and your firm. They are not intended to provide a formal opinion on loss of income for specific individuals.

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Loss Approximators

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British Columbia
Loss Approximators

A Discussion on Discount Rates in Alberta
Loss Approximators at 2.0%
Loss Approximators at 2.5%
Loss Approximators at 3.0%
Earnings by Occupation for Men
Earnings by Occupation for Women