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Sergiy Pivnenko

Email:  sergiy @ aec-econ.com
Résumé:  → download a .pdf here

Sergiy Pivnenko received Master's Degrees in Economics from the University of Kiev-Mohyla Academy in Ukraine in 1998 and at Simon Fraser University in 2003. He worked as a researcher in Ukraine studying barter economies until he moved to Canada. He taught at Simon Fraser University and worked as a research associate, specializing in economics of demography and labour economics. He also worked as a consulting economist on contract with government and private organisations.

Mr. Pivnenko joined Associated Economic Consultants Ltd. in 2006 and has been applying his skills and training to the areas of litigation support.

Research Contributions

Refereed Publications:

2006 The Economics of Canadian Citizenship, Journal of Immigration and Integration (with Don DeVoretz).

2005 The Economic Experiences of Refugees in Canada, Refugee Resettlement in the West, edited by P. Waxman (with Don DeVoretz and M. Beiser).

2004 Immigrant Public Finance Transfers: A Comparative Analysis by City, Canadian Journal of Urban Research 13, No. 1 (with Don DeVoretz).

Non-Refereed Publications:

2005 Self-Selection, Immigrant Public Finance Performance and Canadian Citizenship, RIIM Working Paper No. 05-07; IZA Discussion Paper No. 1463 (with Don DeVoretz).

2004 The Economic Causes and Consequences of Canadian Citizenship, RIIM Working Paper No. 04-21; IZA Discussion Paper No. 1395 (with Don DeVoretz).

2004 The Economic Experiences of Refugees in Canada, RIIM Working Paper No. 04-04; IZA Discussion Paper No. 1088 (with Don DeVoretz and M. Beiser).

2004 The Recent Economic Performance of Ukrainian Immigrants in Canada and the U.S., RIIM Working Paper No. 03-10; IZA Discussion Paper No. 913 (with Don DeVoretz).

2003 The Immigration Triangle: Quebec, Canada and the Rest of the World, RIIM Working Paper No. 03-11 (with Don DeVoretz and D. Coulombe).

Post-Secondary Education

May 2003 Master’s Degree in Economics, Simon Fraser University at Burnaby, British Columbia.

June 1998 Master of Arts (Economics), Economics Education and Research Consortium (EERC)
University of Kiev-Mohyla Academy, Kiev, Ukraine