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Branko Radic

Email:  branko @ aec-econ.com

Résumé:  → download a .pdf here

Branko Radic joined Associated Economic Consultants Ltd. in 1998. His areas of specialization are the applications of statistics and econometrics to large sets of data, creating computer models and applying them for various data gathering and in depth analyses such as: development of family budgets; calculation of personal taxes, tax credits and deductions; analyses of tax effects on various mix of assets in an investment portfolio; analysis of committee fees charged (or allowed in private committeeships) on funds invested by recipients of awards for damages; research the charges charged on accounts managed on behalf of individual investors; research and analyze long term rates of return and inflation; development of analytical models to measure financial impacts of the death of family member; estimation of capital accumulation and levels of income that can be generated from varying levels of savings and investments, taking into account life expectancy and rate of return on investment.

Mr. Radic obtained his specialization in health economics from the University of Medicine in Yugoslavia. His employment background includes sixteen years of economic research and analysis in the public and private sectors and four years of teaching at college and university levels in Canada and Yugoslavia. Course topics included political economy, financial mathematics, economics, finance, and statistics. Mr. Radic has also achieved financial certifications through the Financial Planners Standards Council as a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and through the International Research Association as a Licensed International Financial Analyst (LIFA).

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